A Dead Horse Attack of the Budapest Agreement: A Conversation with M4A2 Sherman.

(IT Narrative)

Oleksiy Fesenko,

March 19, 2018

The Raketna str. 24 in Kyiv has originated from the Ukrainian/Russian word «ракета» can be translated as “rocket, missile,” has a clear military contest. Well known frightening nuclear missiles of USSR have been destroyed by Ukraine unilaterally in a framework of 1994 Budapest agreement. Reminder of those times is the institute of Nuclear investigation in Kyiv, still is a top-secret object.

The institute looks like a State which had forgotten its history, like a generation which doesn’t need a history anymore and is looking only into a future – the top secret generation where does it look to, what is it searching for.

The other reminder is a building of a residential complex on 24 Raketna Street looks like an empty shell after a Battle to the East of Ukraine. The Building is in the restricted zone of the Nuclear Reactor, living has being prohibited in the zone. Who are the buyers – the Ukrainians: the confidential information about the Nuclear Place of the building hasn’t being shared for them.

The information about the tragedy of the WW2 is known only to veterans; most of them had already passed in the 20th century. As an original reminder comes the truth from the other survivals of those battles: buildings and the military items. The survivor the battle tank - M4A2 Sherman – inside of the enclosed area of the I. Chernyakhivskiy National Defense University of Ukraine is a veteran of the War.

I pretended to be an Australian military (the most demilitarized continent) coming from a distant future, to interview the Veteran Sherman Tank in Ukraine.

My Question: Your Greatness, the Big Witness of the WW2, according to "Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I" by Edward D. Hess (Coursera, 2013) one common mistake of business is hiring a staff quickly, at the last moment, and slowly firing it, taking no account to the errors. What about the military setting in Australia in the year 2118.

Image retrieved from https://i.imgur.com/

Answer from the Veteran Sherman Tank: Dear Guest from the Future, the problem is in an overpopulation of Australia, especially troubling the country since 2114, because of the Australians' age, that has considerably extended.

It was not the first time the Australian Military military ministry had been acting, all the way, as the lookout to protect their off-putting employment concept. The illustration is: hiring the older generation after the age of 50 quickly and treating them as underdogs. Maybe the older generation is having "profound adaptability" to the military service as compared to the muck up expected from the younger one? The specifics of their labor contracts termed - "one is working for three" because of the staff shortage being termed as "until Anti-Terrorist Operation conditions." To avoid the enslavement, the Parliament of Australia had defined the duration of these labor contracts to 24 months long. The secret of the ministry is drawing out the term of those who want out from service, is the infringement under the tacit consent by the Prime Minister of Australia can be deemed as the dirty Prime Minister’s initiative to leverage the military budget as the dietary. The law of Australia "On General Military Duty and Military Service, dated February 2118", 2118, has also fixed the duration of the labor contracts for this category of servicemen to 24 months. However, the military ministry has been skirting around this Bill starting from January 7, 2118, providing no explanations. The fear of staff shortage and the extensive walkout is preponderating over the fear of the increasing disapproval by the enlisted military men sensing a scant likelihood to bring the presiding ministry to the legal responsibility. By tying down the military staff, the diehard ministry has been freezing the liberties out.

So the older generation is inclined to believe "Once Australia has hired us fast it will need us for 'a dead horse attack." Now we have our employment terms extended by the military agencies beyond the legal limit of the 24 months long. Not for patriotic reasons but for the popularity of the war, for 'beating-a-dead-horse terms' instead. As a result, once the overkill affects the aged population, the boundary between the patriotic duty on one hand and unethical, even immoral attitude, on the other hand, is being watered-down.