A Dead Horse Attack: More News from The Land of The Borisfen *.

Oleksiy Fesenko,

March 19, 2018

According to "Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I" by Edward D. Hess (Coursera, 2013) one common mistake of business is hiring quickly, at the last moment, and slowly firing as if you have not seen the errors.

It was not the first time the military ministry in The Land of Borisfen* had been acting, all the way, as the lookout in order to protect their off-putting employment concept. The illustration is: hiring the older generation after the age of 50 quickly and treating as underdogs. Maybe the older generation is having "profound adaptability" to the military service as compared to the muck up expected from the younger one? The specifics of their labor contracts termed - "one is working for three" because of the staff shortage and "until ATO terms run out **." To avoid the enslavement***, the Parliament of The Land of the Borisfen had defined the duration of these labor contracts to 24 months long. The secret of the ministry is drawing out the term of those who want out from service, is the infringement under the tacit consent by the President of Ukraine can be deemed as the dirty Presidential initiative to leverage the military budget for the 'deity' of the president. The law of Ukraine "On General Military Duty and Military Service, dated February 18", 2018, has also fixed the duration of the labor contracts for this category of servicemen to 24 months. However, the military ministry has been skirting around this Bill starting from January 7, 2018, providing no explanations. The fear of staff shortage and the extensive walkout is preponderating over the fear of the increasing disapproval by the enlisted military men sensing a low likelihood to bring the presiding ministry to the legal responsibility. By tying down the military staff the diehard ministry has been freezing the liberties out.

So the older generation is inclined to believe "Once The Land of the Borisfen has hired us fast it will need us for 'a dead horse attack." Now we have our employment terms extended by the military agencies beyond the legal limit of the 24 months long. It looks like the "until ATO runs out" contracts extended for the 'beating-a-dead-horse terms' instead. As a result, once the overkill affects the aged population, the boundary between the patriotic duty on one hand and unethical, even immoral attitude, on the other hand, is being watered-down.

* The Borisfen - The old name of the Dnipro River in Ukraine.

** After May 2018 the ATO had changed its status to The Operation of the United Forces.

*** Article 43 of the Constitution of Ukraine allows forced labor in the army for the military people, and for the civil citizens during the martial or the emergency law.


The Parliament of The Land of the Borisfen (February 18, 2018). The law of Ukraine #2232-12 "On General Military Duty and Military Service"

The law of Ukraine #2232-12 (the current edition effective as of February 18, 2018) "On General Military Duty and Military Service" (sub-point і sub-point 1 point 8 article 26 chapter ІV) specifies the categories of the military servicemen having a contract who can terminate (cancel) their contract as to the : [...] military servicemen under the contract who shall have the right to retire from the military service as the persons who had signed the individual contractual terms specified as until the Special Period runs out or until an announcement of a decision about the demobilization and who had completed not less than 24 months of the military service according to their contract.

The Law of Ukraine #2232-12 was based on the Law of Ukraine #1769-19 (known as the project # 5337) "On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine as to the Improvement to the Process of the Military Service." This law specifies that the Military of Ukraine should finally adjust the terms of the law not later than one year after the enforcement date of this Law, or January 7, 2018.

The third document that specifies the terms is the Employment contract between the Ukrainian Military and the inhabitant of The Land of the Borisfen who undertook to go to the Military. This document establishes the notice date (usually one or three months depending on the particular contract).

So, if the military person of The Land of the Borisfen has the notice date one month and the contract runs out on January 15, 2018, the Ukrainian Military should implement his/her retirement term effective as of February 15, 2018.

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