Notlincoln Place

Notlincoln Intimate Place: Candy Wrappers Cabin.

By Oleksiy Fesenko, KYIV

20 MAY 2019


Investor - The Investor of the Abraham Lincoln Tower (aka Torre Abraham Lincoln) - the uninhabited tower.

Strange Man - Reflection from the minds of the people leaving in the Inhabited Towers; Ghost.

The Heavy Weight Champion - The Chief Ghost of the Lincoln Tower, the collective reflection in the people's minds.

Notlinkoln place - a center of the kingdom of Candy-Man aka Director or Sales Director of Lincoln’s Tower

Venue - Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Mucio Athayde’s - Construction Company that had transferred ownership to the Investors

Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer - Designers of Rio and Bara and the Towers in the late 1960s

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Notlincoln Intimate Place: Candy Wrappers Cabin.

The Investor was looking at Abraham Lincoln Tower (aka Torre Abraham Lincoln) - the never completed tower in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - one of two Ghost skyscrapers of 37 floors and 457 apartments. The shape of the building was somewhat cold, no people were living there. Initially, he was enthusiastic, inspired by the advertising slogan of Mucio Athayde’s construction company:

Paraíso Existe: está aqui! (Paradise Exists: it’s here!);

Viva No Paraíso (Live In Paradise);

A Nova Forma de Viver (A New Way to Live).

How the people of the inhabited Left tower can look at the cold and lifeless forms of the Right Tower. He made an effort to imagine their feeling of indifference. Weird - looking at your exact reflection, even if it is a Tower, he thought: naked, and without functional parts - half-body? It must be a form prioritizing over function and pleasure prioritizing over the pain he supposed.

Investor approached the sales department and saw a Strange Man standing at the Abraham Lincoln Tower’s sales office, notoriously known as Oscar Niemeyer & Lucio Costa’s development project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The office having no guards now – the business was slimming down. The Strange Man’s appearance was unusual, missing teeth and eye, without a part of his head. What about the brain the Investor thought in horror - his wide smile resembled something from a pig. Still, the man was speaking clearly and the Investor was able to understand him. The man looked at the Investor and said with a hedonistic smile: “You must be thankful to the City Council and to Mucio Athayde’s construction company that you are still alive. It’s such a pleasure be looking at you such a miserable and stupid investor. ” He felt a strange cold inside, there was truth in his words; Rio de Janeiro city Council of Ghosts is manipulating me by imposing a prohibition on Abraham Lincoln Tower and obliging me paying property taxes for the apartments in which I have never lived. The Strange Man disappeared, and the Investor started believing that he had seen a Ghost.

The Ghost was not sane, the investor thought. As the ex-member of Rio de Janeiro Council Trojan the Fifth: in his interview to the Brazilian TV Channel "GhostNews" on February 11, 2019, said:

"I hadn't seen any sane Ghost. Many of them were engaged in racketeering of the Brazilian Builders. They introduced themselves as follows "we are the Ghosts, so give us a ransom of 50 000 US dollars per building site.
- The builders would throw them out answering: of course, we will not give you anything.
- The Ghosts were bringing the blacklegs and pigfaces to blockade the building site.
- The builders were ready to meet the requirements, but the Ghosts were doubling up they ransom to $ 100 000 the next time.
- City Council Member Trojan the Fifth had consulted the builders to empower him about speaking to their protection at the Session of Rio’s City Ghost Council, but they were so frustrated that denied.

- All this happened, because of an absence of the Political Will" Trojan the Fifth said in his interview.

He got a flashback about his PC, once affected by a Petya (malware), infected to damage and to receive a ransom: poor Ukrainians had been targeted the most. Unlucky, he had met the hacker’s terms but found being in a very smooth pickle.

At the back of his mind, he knew the situation was like that. Some of the investors of the Tower Two tangled up in the unofficial negotiations and united into a cooperative in a hope to pay a bribe of some extra money to the shysters to skirt around the situation. He understood this struggling as a blind alley resulting from situation comedy played on the top level of the country’s leadership during 2016-2019.

The Sales Director of the Lincoln’s Tower asked if the Investor was a Ghost too as he had the empty eyes and dark disheveled hair. For a moment the Sales Director even saw a black winding circle with the Ghosts flying around his head but no dark wings behind his back.

- Where are your Wings the Director asked?

- We have already upgraded the Investor said, pretending that he is a Ghost. Now we have a Cloud instead of the Wings, just a Dark Cloud. It was evening; moreover, it has really started raining.

- This man had something in common with the Tower H – the charm of the 47 years old strong man and a Crown of railings on the roof, and dark Cloud on the background. This miracle of uncompleted construction is located in Rio, is the infinite source of pleasure, the Sales Director thought. Instead, he asked if the Heavy Weight Champion was still training to send his admiration to him!

“My Friend let me introduce myself”, Director said, “call me Candy-Man, I will show you many helpful things said the Candy-Man in the voice of the President; I am a Candy-Man of a secret Candy Wrappers Cabin. Nobody can catch on and grapple with my good intentions because they don’t know me. You came just on time as the cabin had been ready for displaying pleasures. I called it the Notlincoln’s Sweet Wrappers Place.” The motto of this place was:

“You may not instruct some of the people all of the time; moreover, you can't instruct all of the people some of the time, but you can instruct some of the people some of the time.”

He has mirrored that phrase, using every word as being the opposite reflection in the meaning of the President Abraham Lincoln’s quote:

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

“Just listen to a draft of my Presidential Election Speech” he said: “You may not instruct some of the people some of the time…” – means that only you may not instruct some of the people, because their life will be shortened compared to the non-significant. Do you remember a famous phrase of the Heavy Weight Champion “As the Head of the Rio Ghost Administration I have two deputies, and four of them are redundant.” Of course, you may not instruct the redundant people, the Investor though, but many of the Heroes died during the last 5 years in the candy for the obesity conflict.

The Candy-Man went on “you can't instruct all of the people some of the time.” Only you have the power to manage the misfortunes because you can manipulate the law and the human consciousness, continued the Candy-Man.

Next day, the Investor was in Rio, listening to the Ghost Presidential debates in the largest Arena Vivaldo Palma Lima on April 29, 2019, and heard the words of the ex-President of the Ghosts “today we should eliminate the risks away from the future of Brazil. I say that today we have a sweet wrapper, expensive and sweet. And looking into this wrapper, everybody may see everything what one wishes.” Instructing for the future in the country for the calories war instead of eliminating the risks of heart diseases, instead of making an effort to handle the military conflict – the fat speaking poppies, he thought of the ghosts.

The Candy-Man went on “but you can instruct some of the people some of the time.” Rejoice, the Candy-Man said, “I’m the Great President of the Ghosts; people under my leadership can create the supernatural, because only I can make you believe in it.”

Then the Candy-Man had uncovered the place of the Sweet Wrappers Cabin – a very narrow place made of millions of shining sweet wrappers. He pointed to the last wrapper in the piece: I’m seeing this foil reflecting about a fine to the President of Ghosts-elect of Brazil – it equals to 24 ‘candy missiles’ to be eaten facing towards the Inhabited Tower.

The Verdict:

Two days later, the Investor came to the Notlinkoln’s place and said to the Candy-Man, that only the Angels may elaborate on the opposite meaning from the words. He left an envelope on a table: to the Director’s surprise, inside of an envelope was missing the final consideration for the Director’s duty, but was a letter to the Fiscal Services of Brazil with a small mark, “not to the Ghosts but to the People-Inspectors”.

In the letter the Investor requested the Fiscal Service of Brazil to conduct an investigation, highlighting: “The Heavy Weight Champion has the highest status in heavyweight. His photo is presented on the webpage of the Leading in Brazil Ghost Party has a very high likelihood of being a commercial promotional project.” The grievance for not paying the taxes is to be a part of the lawsuit against the City Council of the People.